Tuesday, March 19, 2013

1986 Centennial Plate

In 1986, Fowlerville residents celebrated the 150th anniversary of the arrival of Ralph Fowler to this area.  One of the pieces of memoriabilia from that celebration was a plate, as you can see in the following picture:
This plate was donated by the Fowlerville Library to the collection.

Monday, March 18, 2013

1954 Orr Theatre

Throughout all of my posting, there have been quite a few articles I've written about the Orr Theater.
The Orr Theatre was located in the western half of what is now the Fowlerville Hardware.  If you search on "Orr" in the upper right hand box below the heater, you will find all the articles that have been posted on this site.
Recently, the following memoriabilia was handed over to me to be placed in the Fowlerville Historical Collection.  I thought before tucking these items away they should be put added here.  There are so many interesting pieces of history to be found in our collection--some day, one day, we will put everything on display.
For now, enjoy the following poster from 1954, a snapshot taken at about that same time, and a band of tickets (note the price and federal tax):