You Know

This page is all about the wonderful things about living in a small town, and have actually happened here in Fowlerville.  These are just a couple of things that recently happened but if I were to look over the last 15 years, there would be a mile long list!

You know you live in a small town . . .

. . . when you wave at nearly everyone marching/walking/riding in the Fourth of July parade.  Love it!  But also, when you get to witness a semi getting caught up at the tail-end of the parade and, as the kids did the arm pump for the driver to honk the horn (which the driver obliged), the horses at the end of the parade keep getting startled . . . to the point, one of the riders asked our police chief to clue the driver into what was happening.  He walked back to the driver to inform and the parade finished up without a run-away horse.

. . . when the FedEx guy sees you in the Curtis Grocery parking lot and delivers a package to you right then and there.

. . . when the lights are momentarily turned off in Olden Days, Debbie carries a piece of cake lit with numerous candles through the restaurant, and the whole crowd sings "Happy Birthday" to someone (whether you know him or not).

. . . when you dial a wrong number and not only recognize the wrong number by their voice, but spend more time talking to them than to the person you originally intended to call.

You can tell the native "Fowlervillians" because they leave the car keys in the ignition.
The semi-natives take the keys, but leave the doors unlocked and the windows down.
The outsiders not only lock the car doors, but turn on the alarm system.

If you have one you would like added, e-mail me.

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