Monday, September 5, 2011

1889 Stove Patent

Mr. G.D. Hamilton has received his patent papers for his roller attachment for stoves, mentioned in these columns some time since. The attachment fits any stove and is so constructed that by a few turns of a screw, the stove is hoisted upon casters and can be moved easily. When nit is moved to the place desired, a few turns of the screw lets the legs touch the floor and the casters disappear.

Wow -- sounds like a great invention. The above article was found in the local paper, published by G.L. Adams. G.D. Hamilton was a furniture maker in the village. When he retired from this work years later, he had been in business over 50 years, with much of his work being done in the old Spencer House which stood at the northeast corner of North Second Street and East Grand River.

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