Monday, September 26, 2011

1884 Bad Conduct

One day last week, constable O'Dell of Webberville, was deputized to convey a 16 year-old girl, under a two years' sentence, for general bad conduct, to the Adrian reformatory, but at Mason his prisoner gave him the slip and escaped. Later she appeared in this place and towns along the road dressed in full male attire. Monday, officers from Lansing went to Howell and arrested her and a young chap from Webberville who had hired a livery rig in Lansing to go to Williamston. When arrested, the girl caused a small sensation by telling where she got the boys clothes, naming a somewhat prominent young married man of Williamston as the donor.

The above article was found in the local newspaper. During this time, G.L. Adams, editor and publisher of The Fowlerville Review, also kept readers apprised of goings-on outside the village. So, mmm . . . the 16 year-old was able to slip away from the constable? And who was the prominent young married man?

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