Wednesday, September 7, 2011

1877 Robbery of Oysters

Yesterday's article concerned a robbery from E.E. Walton's house -- as far as I could find, no one was ever caught for the deed. Beware, though, for those caught in the act. A couple months later, the following article showed up in the paper; no doubt as a warning to other 11-year olds.

Daniel H. Smith, an 11-year old boy, was convicted of stealing oysters from in front of the bakery at this place and was sentenced Wednesday to the House of Correction until his eighteenth birthday. The testimony at the trial also implicated in the theft Frank Cook and Willie Tobin, aged respectively nine and eleven years.

I have to wonder if Daniel spent seven years in the House of Correction and, if he did, what he was like after he came out. Seems a rather harsh judgment, when Cook and Tobin appeared to get off scot-free.

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