Thursday, September 1, 2011

1907 Indians Working on Farms

It would appear, even into the 20th century, Indians continued to be treated different from other nationalities. The following article was found in a 1907 issue of The Fowlerville Review:

All persons should thoroughly understand that the law forbids either selling or giving any kind of intoxicating liquor to Indians. Several large farmers in this vicinity have Indians in their employ and a few days since we understand some of them were in a state of more or less intoxication in this village. We sound this note of warning that if such a thing happens again, two influential farmers have promised trouble for some one.

I, for one, found this a little disheartening that the laws were such. When Ralph Fowler and his band of settlers arrived in this area, the Indians were already here, with numerous tribes using the Grand River Trail as their pathway east and west. In fact, it has been reported by Mr. Fowler himself some Indians were helpful to them. The one thing I do find gratifying is that there were farmers employing all sorts to work the fields, etc.

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