Wednesday, May 10, 2017

2017 Future Home of the Fowlerville District Library

Big things are happening in the community of Fowlerville!

As of May 10, 2017, the Fowlerville District Library now owns the building former used by Curtis Grocery at 130 South Grand.  The board has bought the building with the intent to renovate 10,330 square feet of it (doubling the current building) for library use, another 3,000 square feet for storage, and an additional 3,000 square feet to be renovated at a later date.

In addition to having all the same wonderful services, the historical collection will now be housed in the library and available for patrons to access much easier.  Larger rooms, more space between stacks, improved children programming facilities, even a fireplace, will be included.

It will take time to accomplish all of this.  At current estimates, it will take about a year.  Maybe this time next year, we will be announcing the move.

As the Library Board President, I had the great honor of signing the purchase papers.  I'm pretty sure 10.10.17 at 10 am will be etched in my memory forever!  What a privilege.  But, as I'm beginning to think, purchasing the building was the easy part.  Now comes the real work.

I've created a Facebook page entitled "Future Home of the Fowlerville District Library" where updates will be posted on a regular basis.  Check it out by clicking here.

Also, checked out the upcoming issue of Fowlerville News and Views.  I sat down recently with Steve Horton and he has written an informative article.

Be sure to check back here for updates but also be sure to head to Facebook.  Check out the excitement.