Saturday, August 17, 2013

2013 Crooked Bayou Restaurant

Fowlerville has a new restaurant -- the Crooked Bayou.  As of August 13, they have been opened; something they have called a "soft opening."  Right now, the chef is offering a limited menu and seating is at a premium, so figure on take-out.  
It is well worth the visit!  My husband and I stopped there Wednesday evening and enjoyed a couple of "po boys."  I had a shrimp po boy that was delish and my husband had a "dibris" po boy.  Dibris, you ask.  Basically what that means is the sandwich is made from roast beef that falls into a pan gravy and then is served on a roll.  It was so very worth being so full afterwards! 
I took a few pictures but you need to head there to see what the new owners are putting together.  Some of the original brick walls are exposed and they've used barn wood and repurposed pallets to create a bayou, old shack atmosphere. 
Fowlerville is certainly becoming a destination for some "good eats" -- as Alton Brown used to say on the Food Network.  We've been lucky for many years to have Olden Days on North Grand Avenue, and now we have both the Grille in the Ville and the Crooked Bayou across from each other.  Dueling goods, so to speak.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

2013 Northwest and Northeast Quadrants

I was in town yesterday morning and it seemed so strange to see the large, long arm of a digger reaching into the main four-corners intersection.
And then, later in the day, after 5 pm to be exact, the work continued:
My husband and I had just finished having sandwiches and gumbo at the newest restaurant in town.  I'll post pictures and comments in a day or two.  Be sure to check back, or head to the Crooked Bayou, located in the southeast quadrant, between the old BeeCharmer building and Chase Bank.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

2013 North Grand Roadwork

I stopped by this morning to grab a few pictures of the continuing work on North Grand Avenue.  The block between Power Street and Grand River Avenue has now been cleared of old asphalt and sewer and water work is to commence.  

Following are three pictures I took while standing in the crosswalk area: