Friday, February 3, 2017

1960 Recipe for Canned Meat "Magic"

So, for those that grew up in the 60s, does anyone remember a meal such as the one shown below?  Canned Meat Magic makes it sound a bit suspicious!  

Although this isn't really related to Fowlerville, I did come across a page of recipes in a 1960 issue of "The Fowlerville Review" and wondered how many women made these meals for their families.  I guess I do remember some mystery meals when I was growing up, quite often something covered with a gravy so we wouldn't question our mother too much!

Anyone care to comment of a meal they used to get served (or made) in the 60s and 70s?

Also, on another note, I got a nice email from a friend, giving me a bit of personal information on Hall's Mill (see previous post).   An earlier owner of the mill, George Monroe (who passed away only a couple years back) used to mow the library lawn in the 90s after the mill was taken down by an intentional burn by the fire department. 

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Anonymous said...

Seem like we had a lot of things that came in cans back then