Sunday, February 5, 2017

1875 Wm. F. Close Store

Over the next week, there will be little snippets from an 1875 issue of The Fowlerville Review, published by G.L. Adams, here in Fowlerville.  And now, this would be a perfect time to mention all the wonderful things in this blog.  This post is number 2300--meaning there's a lot of stuff to read if you have the time.  By using the Search box, you can also look up names, events, storefronts, even type in a year.  Yearbook pictures and mausoleum names are on this site.  Plus there are also numerous pages to browse.  Look for the tabs that run under the header.  

I would love to hear some feedback of what you would like to see.  I have access to newspapers and other historical papers and would be happy to look up items of interest.  I am more about the history but, once in a while, a modern-day post might show up.

While my first history book is now out-of-print for new copies, there are some available on Amazon.  Just search on "The Fowlerville Chronicles" or my name, Marion Cornett, and you will see what's available.  A case in point of why the Chronicles is a good book to own--these next few posts will be set in 1875.  In the book, there are maps showing the area and you'd be able to see where Wm. F. Close's new store was located.  

Wm. F. Close also built a house during this era and it is still standing.  At the northwest corner of South Grand and Frank Street there's a large white house--that was his.

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