Sunday, February 19, 2017

1963 Haire and Jackson

I've been opening up the digital version of "The Fowlerville Review," published from 1874-1972, randomly choosing a date and then doing some scrolling.  If something catches my eye, I save the article or picture and post here.

Please let me know if you would like me to look for anything in particular during those 98 years.  If you give me an approximately date, I can do some looking.

Today's picture was on the front page of the newspaper May 8, 1963.  This picture shows the North Grand Avenue view of the storefront for Haire and Jackson.  Years before, it was the location for Curtis Grocery and years later, the Decorating Center was located here.  Currently, it houses Maria's School of Dance.
Following is the ad from page 7:


Karin said...

My grandfather's business (Erwin Haire) with Mr. Jackson of course. I never knew what the dates were that he operated in the village. I know he ran a business from their home on N. Fowlerville Rd. but I didn't know when the store was located in town. I know he operated on his own for a while under Haire Appliance, but I didn't know when he was in the partnership with Mr. Jackson. Eventually he closed the business and worked for a company until his retirement in the mid-70's. Thank you for posting this!

Anonymous said...

I remember when Erwin operated his business out of his home. Before he moved into the store on the east side of N. Grand he operated out of a store across the street on the west side of N. Grand for a short time but I don't remember how long.