Friday, April 22, 2011

1956 Elsie's Restaurant

I recently had the pleasure of meeting a former resident of Fowlerville -- someone that grew up here, went through the school system and graduated in 1957 (I believe), has some wonderful memories of Spagnuolo's -- both the wholesale storefront and the fountain -- and visits two to three times a year.  When he came to purchase a copy of my book, to my great delight, we talked for quite some time of some of the various storefronts, a few major events he remembers, and he brought some memoriabilia for me to look at.

One of those items was a breakfast and lunch menu from Elsie's Restaurant from 1956.  Elsie's was located where Save-On and Bloated Goat are now.  The Save-On portion was the restaurant and the Bloated Goat was a bar area.  According to my visitor, there was an archway between the restaurant and bar, with the restrooms being in the bar area.  When that archway was closed off, additional restrooms were provided in the restaurant portion.

I asked if it was okay to take pictures and post the menu -- so following you will find the cover and then the inside.  Enjoy the pricing --

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