Monday, April 25, 2011

Squint Shot 042511

As I stood in front of the Harmon block (see a few days earlier when I have decided to use old terminology; i.e., Palmerton block, Sidell block, and now the Harmon block), my camera was pointed kiddie-corner across the intersection to the former location of C.D. Hamilton and Co. and then from 1970 until 2002 known as Ruth's Resale.  It is the two-story brick building at the southeast corner of East Grand River and South Grand Avenue.

In the picture, taken around 1903, 'C.D. Hamilton' can be seen to the left and upward above the four people at the corner, above the front door.  Other than that, and different window treatments, the building looks nearly the same.  C.D. Hamilton and Co. was a dry goods store -- linens, towels, household items, probably most anything you can dream up would be needed in a house.  When Dr. Ford E. Smith first began his dentistry practice in Fowlerville, he was located in the second floor before moving over to the Palmerton block.

Today, the first floor is still unfinished in some renovations that were began a few years ago, and the second floor housing Farmer's Insurance Co.

So, here are the two pictures . . .  

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