Wednesday, December 26, 2018

1958 Real Estate Office

I knew this building, at the corner of East Grand River and South Second Street, as a collection office; others may remember it as Joseph Cox's law offices.  But, in 1958, it was part of an addition to a house where Mr. Clair Jones lived and the new add-on would be his office space.

Neither the house nor the building exist, both having been torn down a few years back.  The lot is empty except for a large rock at the corner, honoring John Gilully, an officer in the Civil War.

If you do a search on this blog for the military officer, you will find various articles and some squint shots I've posted over the years.

Another item to search on would be the "Spencer House."  Early on, in Fowlerville's development, a large white building stood at that corner and was used both as a storefront for travelers' needs as well as a few rooms for let.  The building was gone by about 1915-16.

The article for this addition was found in the December 31, 1958, issue of "The Fowlerville Review."  As a reminder, if you ever would like to do research in Fowlerville newspapers, head to the Fowlerville District Library.  The ladies there will be more than pleased to help you do a search of the digitized newspapers.  They are available from the years 1874 through nearly current.

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