Thursday, December 27, 2018

1940 Holt 60th Anniversary

I'm just randomly grabbing articles found in "The Fowlerville Review," published between 1874 and 1972.  Today's two articles are from December 25, 1940, front page.  

Holt and Hart were partners in dry goods stores, 10-cent barns, and doing photography.  There are numerous pictures from the early 1920s where they documented various houses and buildings.  They are treasures.  

The picture and article show the Holts celebrating their 60th anniversary.  The other interesting article is in the right column.  A car accident south of town, Fowlerville Road and VanBuren.  That's always an interesting intersection even now due to speed on Fowlerville Road.  The Mrs. Blank mentioned was probably the wife of H.T. Blank, a local jeweler.  

Any of these names can be searched on this blog for more articles.

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