Friday, December 28, 2018

1949 Harmon Ford Dealership

Mr. Bunn sold his dealership to Gordon Harmon, as reported in "The Fowlerville Review."  He'd owned it from 1921-1948, with a four-year break somewhere in the middle of that.  Without doing a great deal of research, I'm remembering Mr. Bunn lost his son, Ken, in an automobile accident, east of Fowlerville, on Grand River Avenue.  I'm wondering if Mr. Bunn took a break from the dealership when this happened.

At one time, at about where Owosso Road is, the curve was much sharper, nearly a 90-degree turn.  Older maps show it as such.  According to an article I found while doing research for "The Fowlerville Cronicles," this is about where the young fellow's accident occurred.

Eventually, Gordon Harmon would go onto real estate as well as owning this newspaper.

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