Saturday, April 23, 2011

Squint Shot 042311

As I stood as far back on the southwest corner by the empty buildings that used to house Herbie's Used Car Sales, I tried to replicate the old photograph taken somewhere around 1900 and republished in the Fowlerville News and Views a few years ago.  My current-day picture turned out not to be quite as all-inclusive as the old photograph -- it almost appears that picture was taken with a panoramic view.  The changes are still noticeable.
One thing I do like to point out to anyone looking at the early 1900 photograph is to look closer at the bottom of the picture.  A shadow can be found.  That shadow is of the old Commercial Hotel, a brick, 2 1/2 stories above ground and 1/2 story below ground building that was finished in 1880 after the Reason House burned to the ground in 1878.  The Reason House was built in 1852-53.  It was also known as 'Independence Hall' -- reportedly dubbed by an early ancestor of the Curtis family when Benjamin Curtis swung and crashed a bottle of whisky at the building.  Somewhat like christening a ship.  

The Commercial Hotel stood until 1937 -- you can find out more about that building, such as how it was used and why it was torn down, in my book, The Fowlerville Chronicles.

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