Thursday, April 7, 2011

Squint Shot 040711

Today begins a new series of squint shots I'm calling 'then and now' shots. While working on The Fowlerville Chronicles, I amassed a huge collection of pictures of the downtown and surrounding area. I've now spent some time driving around town (which you may have seen my Tahoe parked at various locations and me snapping pictures) and taking pictures replicating many of the poses from years earlier.

For the first squint shot of this type, I'm beginning with a 1915 photograph of the former home of the Starkey family, Dr. Hauer, and now the Kennedy family. It was a winter scene looking westward on East Grand River. I couldn't get the exact same angle, unless, of course, I had positioned myself in the middle of East Grand River, but I came as close as possible. It is the second picture. Enjoy . . .

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