Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Squint Shot 041211

In this continuing look at 'then and now' shots in and around Fowlerville, I have two older photographs and a modern-day picture of the Carey Centennial Baptist Church on South Grand Avenue, across the street from the village offices.

At one time, a parsonage stood just to the north of the church at about where the south portion of the Curtis Grocery parking lot now stands. The oldest picture (first one), circa 1910, shows the full front of the house. The second photograph, circa 1930-40, just barely shows a corner of the house at the far right side. In the 'now' squint shot, the parsonage now longer stands, but an addition can be seen at the north side of the church that includes a portico for dropping off and picking up parishioners. Of note, the steeple also looks quite different. In 1995, the top portion of the steeple was removed, restored, then put back in place. Weather-proofing strips were added below the bell tower to enclose it from destructive weather conditions and critters.

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