Thursday, April 14, 2011

2011 Sneak Peak

The 175th anniversary celebration of the arrival of Ralph Fowler to this area is fast approaching.  As plans are being made and finalized, a 'museum' is being set up in the old hotel, using the front portion of the south side of the building where the Treasure Chest has expanded into recently. 

That display will -- hopefully -- have an array of antiques from local families, some of the historical collection papers and memoriabilia, and oddball items such as the following sneak peak:
This Little Champion Camp Stove stands about two feet tall, is approximately 15" x 8" and has all sorts of surfaces for grilling and heating food. 

I did a little looking for "Little Champion" to no avail.  There have been foundries in the Fowlerville area and if anyone has an idea of where this might have been made, we would all appreciate any comments you would like to make.

As more things are gathered, I'll post a few more sneak peaks -- but that doesn't mean you'll see everything.  Be sure to watch this website and the local newspaper for hours of operation of the museum once it is set up.

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