Friday, April 8, 2011

Squint Shot 040811

Yesterday we started a new series of squint shots I like to call 'then and now.' Both yesterday's and today's pictures were taken at the end of February so I could get the snow in the new pictures to replicate the old pictures.

The northeast corner of East Grand River and North Second Street was the location of the Spencer House -- originally named the Spencer Exchange -- which housed the G.D. Hamilton furniture store as well as serving as lodging, food service, and even as classrooms for the Fowlerville school system when needed. The first picture shown was taken circa 1910-15.

By 1920, this building had been removed and a house built in its place. Ninety years later, that house has now been demolished and an empty lot is shown in the modern-day photograph. Also the houses on North Second Street have been renovated and are now yellow and green. In 1915, I would imagine those houses were white.

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