Thursday, June 18, 2009

Ghosts of Fowlerville

I know this would be a much better post closer to Halloween, but I couldn't resist putting this article on The Ville now. That way, we are prepared . . .

I came across a website you can access here that reports ghostly sightings and eerie photographs submitted by living people across America. Fowlerville, Michigan, had its own chapter and this is what I found:

On the face of it Fowlerville, Michigan seems like your regular city, but this is a city where the undeparted pace the lanes during the night time. There have been loads of meetings with persons from another zone. Not everyone trusts in the reports the people who live here tell, but the undeceased could show themselves to you if you spend the night in Fowlerville. These are some of the spooky things that have happened here recently.

~~A woman with a half transparent body is every so often observed peeking through apartment windows in Fowlerville in the early morning hours. One of the residents strongly says that this phantom takes pleasure in scaring foolish folks who come trying to locate phantoms in Fowlerville.

~~The ghost of a security guard with a bullet hole in his forehead may from time to time be made out by Middle Branch Red Cedar River staring. In any event, it's a bloodcurdling ghost that you shouldn't go trying to find.

~~The ghost of an aged man with a huge white mustache has regularly been spotted watching cable in a Fowlerville living room at midnight.

~~A woman with a knife sticking out of her head has supposedly been perceived on one or two instances on a Fowlerville lane late in the night. A number of of the folks who live here assert this ghost may be the soul of a resident who passed away here in Fowlerville.

~~A knight's armor lacking a human inside may frequently be noticed floating in the air like a cloud in Fowlerville.

~~A moderately see-through gentleman outfitted as the skipper of a oil tanker may be witnessed time and again calling people's names in Brighton Recreation Area outside the park headquarters. No matter what, it sure is a chilling ghost that would rather not be interrupted.

~~The ghost of a youthful guy dressed in a confederate uniform has now and then been perceived in a hardware store in the Fowlerville vicinity.

~~The ghost of a shackled up guy has supposedly been perceived on a few occasions scrambling out from a drain hole on a Fowlerville road at midnight.

~~The phantom of a street bum may occasionally be observed poking around in mailboxes on a dark night in Fowlerville. It's been argued that this specific ghost could be recognized as a former resident of Fowlerville.

~~The spirit of an elderly hag was distinguished in a Fowlerville secondary school around midnight staggering the halls. The ghost mumbled about revenging a killing.

~~A guy with a big hole through his torso became visible in an apartment near Fowlerville. The observer panicked and ran away.

~~A lady's body with a horse's head was perceived in a Fowlerville area shoe store, staggering the aisles. The spirit didn't seem to be anxious of its viewers. If you listen to the folks who live here, this ghost is most likely the struggling ghost of a local person who used to have a house here in Fowlerville. In any event, it's a menacing spirit that any rational person wouldn't want to come across.

~~A gentleman having the head of a leprechaun was witnessed gulping blood from a beaker late in the night by a road sign in Fowlerville. The ghost reacted to the watcher. Many folks who live here say this ghost is the tormented soul of a long dead Fowlerville person. No matter what folks say, it unquestionably is a creepy ghost that you shouldn't go trying to locate.

~~A female on fire, holding a gasoline bottle has often been perceived staggering through a trailer in Fowlerville.

~~The ghost of a grower having on a worn straw hat is rumored to have been perceived on a few occasions staggering through a mobile home in the neighborhood of Fowlerville.

~~The spirit of a young air force pilot can often be seen at a public phone in Fowlerville talking on the phone.

~~A young-looking girl dressed in a blood-covered prom dress has from time to time been observed reading a tabloid along a wild highway in the vicinity of Fowlerville before dawn. One thing's for sure, this phantom undeniably is terrifying; one that is better not messed with.

~~A woman with a green face is from time to time perceived spending time in a vacant structure in Fowlerville.

All of these stories tends to give me a bit of the creeps. But, then I begin to wonder if my camera, as I zoom in to take squint shots of various sights around Fowlerville, just might catch a spirit or ghost posing for their close-up.

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