Thursday, June 4, 2009


Our economy has been in a down-turn for quite some time.

That is hardly news. But what is great news is that Alchin's Disposal, located on Grand River Avenue by Nicholson Road, has started up additional services. This is very forward thinking.

When many are pulling back and tightening up their belts to survive until the economy gets going again, this company has decided to take a chance on a new service.


I love it. We used to travel into Williamston, or Howell, or even to DeWitt sometimes to return bottles, cans, plastic, and papers. But now, we can recycle locally.

And the list is long and varied of what you can deposit at Alchin's. Click on the picture in this article to head to their website for more information.

So if you are a recycler, save time and gas by heading to this location. If you are not into recycling, consider it. As they say, every little bit helps. Just imagine if every household chose not to have their trash end of up landfills . . .

A round of applause, in my book, goes to Alchin's Disposal.

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