Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Libraries by Cheryl Poch

A little self-promotion never hurts -- as a matter of fact, it just might get you noticing something new and different. Today, Cheryl would like to remind you of just a few of the wonderful libraries in Michigan and a little bit of what makes them special.

Libraries, Libraries EVERYWHERE!

Check-out the following special state libraries.

Detroit Public Library -- It is adorned with beautiful murals and housed in a Renaissance Revival Building; one of the largest and most progressive in the U.S.

Monroe County Library -- It contains an extensive collection of Custer memorabilia.

University of Michigan Library, Ann Arbor -- It is one of the largest in the nation.

Library of Michigan, Lansing -- It is our state library.

The Gerald R. Ford Library, Grand Rapids -- This library holds the papers of the former president.

And of course, the FOWLERVILLE LIBRARY, located right in the ‘hub’ of Fowlerville next to our Great Fowlerville Fire Department. Notice our beautiful outdoor ‘garden’ and our pillars that lead you into our fantastic active library. Believe me – the Fowlerville Library is a ‘happening’ place. Check-it-out!

Do you have a library card?

Cheryl L. Poch, Director
Fowlerville District Library
131 Mill St. P.O. Box 313
Fowlerville, MI 48836

Okay, now folks, I have made it very easy for you. With what Cheryl has suggested, I have created links to the library websites. Click on the library name that is in bold print and you will be there in moments. Check their schedules and consider a day trip this summer to a museum here in Michigan.

Happy reading.

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