Tuesday, September 20, 2011

1936 Lewis Cooper

Lewis H. Cooper, retired druggist of this place, started in business with his father, the late J.L. Cooper in Fowlerville many years ago. His father was one of the pioneer business men of this place, coming here before the railroad was built. When Mr. Cooper sold out to C.C. Fenton about nine years ago, he had completed some 33 years in the drug business, both with his father and for himself after the death of his father. The first location of the Cooper drug and grocery store was where the Woods drug store is now located, and after the big fire of 1891, the building where the Fenton drug store is now, was built. Mr. Cooper, who retired from active business on account of his health, and now spends the winters in Florida, is a Fowlerville product, having been born here and spent nearly all his life in this community. During the 1936 100th celebration of the arrival of Ralph Fowler, many of the local businessmen were showcased in The Fowlerville Review, as shown in the above article.

The Cooper drug store was located, after the rebuilding of the northeast quadrant in 1891, where you will still find a pharmacy -- now the Fowlerville Healthmart Pharmacy. Quick calculations shows that a drug store has been located in this building continuously for 120 years. Pretty impressive.


dcemotorsports said...

Very impressive indeed. A Fowlerville drug store located in the same place for 120 years. You could mention that to them. That is a good advertisement tag line. I think a letter to the editor would be cool too. Just one of those "oh gosh" facts you are continuously finding. Nice work.

Mike G said...

I told Blaine about it earlier this year, and got him a photo of the building from the 1920s. It is pretty cool, though. Almost matches Zemper Photography in Howell when they were still open. I think there was a photography studio at that location for 130+ years before Steve Zemper closed it.