Saturday, September 24, 2011

1832 Rambo Farm Wagon

I keep noticing an old wagon "fer sale" at the corner of West Grand River and South Grand in the parking lot. For a mere $1,200, you can have it and maybe someday have an article written about your wagon. That's what I got thinking about when I found the following article published in the local newspaper, in 1897:

The Pioneer Wagon~~J.B. Rambo of Conway is probably the owner of the oldest lumber wagon in Livingston county at least. It was brought to this state by William McMillen when he was a young man and when he became old and retired from active life, the wagon was sold to Caan Beauteil and about 23 years ago was purchased by Mr. Rambo and is the only wagon he has had on the farm since that time, having done all the work on the farm, marketed all produce, drawn the timber from his farm and the lumber from his farm and the lumber for all his buildings. It can be figured up that the wagon is over 65 years old and has been in active work all that time and is a pretty good wagon yet.

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