Thursday, September 29, 2011

1903 20th Anniversary of G.A.R.

In 1883, the John Gilluly post of the Grand Army of the Republic, Post #114, was formed in Fowlerville. It was named in honor of a Brighton teacher who died in battle while leading numerous Fowlerville troops into battle in the Civil War. Twenty years later, a grand celebration was scheduled:

Twentieth Anniversary~~Gilluly post, G.A.R., was organized at this place 20 years ago the first of next month and the ladies of the W.R.C. thought it would be a nice idea to walk in upon the post at their regular meeting, give them a little surprise and help them celebrate theh 20th anniversary. A few of the comrades found out what was going on, but the most of the members were taken completely by surprise, but they surrendered discreetly without even a skirmish and the ladies had everything their own way.

About 8:30 Mrs. W.E. Bradley, Lady Commander, took the chair and rapped for order and announced that G.L. Adams would lead in the singing of America and Rev. J.E. Ryerson would follow with prayer, after which she made a very pleasing address and then called for a select reading by Mrs. J.E. Reese, also one by Mrs. W.M. Horton. Mrs. P. Stowe rendered a fine recitation, Mrs. D.C. Carr followed by a riddle and Rev. J.E. Ryerson, W.M. Horton and C.E. Dunston gave short talks, after which splendid refreshments, for which the ladies of the W.R.C. are noted, were served and heartily enjoyed by all, who felt that the evening had been very pleasantly and profitably spent.

With the editor of the newspaper in the Curtis Cornet band, a few months later, this interesting article was published in the paper:

Fowlerville is now the possessor of a good brass band and some efforts should be put forth to secure their services for Memorial Day. If the G.A.R. post do not feel as though they could stand the expense, let us all make a little contribution and secure the attendance of the band which will add very much to the occasion. We believe our citizens will only be glad to assist in these expenses which will add very much to the occawsion. We believe our citizens will only be glad to assist in these expenses which usually fall on the G.A.R.

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