Sunday, September 25, 2011

1900 Horse Found

So many articles in the local newspaper gave complete pictures of what happened, right down to a wayward horse. Enjoy . . .

The horse and carriage belonging to Herbie Briggs, which disappeared so suddenly from the streets of this village early Thursday morning, of last week, was found traveling along alone on the Pleasant Valley road, about two miles east of Brighton, on Thursday forenoon. Early Thursday morning, officer McCarty telephoned the officials at all the different places around this village. He was soon informed that a rig bearing the description passed through Brighton at a rapid trot about four o'clock a.m. Later, he was again informed that the rig was found and Mr. Briggs and Mr. McCarty went after the rig and brought it home.

The tie strap was hanging when the horse was found, but it bore no mark of the hoof, and it seems that it would be impossible for a horse to travel that distance without stepping on the tie strap if it were hanging. Mr. Briggs says the horse was not overly ambitious, but it certainly made good time in reaching Brighton, and it certainly seems that some one must have done considerable urging to make the distance in the time.

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