Friday, September 16, 2011

2011 Walking Tour, Homecoming, and Expo

There is just so much going on this weekend, I am almost on overload! But not quite. Sunday will be my day of rest.

Anyhow, this afternoon at 4 pm, Mike Grimm and I will be at the southwest corner of the downtown area for a "walkabout." Mike will begin the walk focusing on some of the businesses and buildings at the main four corners. After he is done, I'll take over and concentrate on some other trivia as well as talking about some of the houses in the village -- some that are still standing and others that are not. I'm not quite sure how much walking we will do once I am speaking on the houses as most will want to be in the downtown area at 6 pm for the homecoming parade.

I guess the part I am doing is whatever you, my followers, would like to hear about.

As mentioned, the homecoming parade will then be at 6 pm -- have you noticed how nicely some of the businesses have decorated their storefronts as well as the gorgeous pots and hanging baskets Cathy Elliott has nurtured all summer long.

Saturday, then is a whole 'nother activity. From 11 am until 4 pm, the junior high will be overrun with businesses in the gym, fire trucks in the parking lots, jump houses for the kids on the grassy areas, food and other delights, and probably things I haven't even heard about.

I'll be there with samples from my embroidery company as well as copies of The Fowlerville Chronicles for sale. There are not that many copies left and I will not be reprinting it as I am concentrating my time and resources on the biography of G.L. Adams, editor and publisher of The Fowlerville Review from 1874-1929. That book will be nearly as thick as the Chronicles and maybe even more interesting -- already a ton of information in the draft shows how this village was a jumping place during that era.

So, come out and have some fun this weekend -- downtown from 4-6 and at the expo 11-4.

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