Monday, September 12, 2011

1901 Informal Reception

It almost appears, during G.L. Adams' 55-year run of editing and publishing The Fowlerville Review, he was at every event in the village. The following recap of an impromptu celebration had him at the scene:

Bert Cooper and Matt Heeney arrived home from the Philippines a few days since after having been mustered out of Uncle Sam's service and the regular meeting of Gilluly post, G.A.R., was turned into an informal reception to the boys on Thursday evening, a number of friends having been invited in by the members of the post to enjoy the evening.

Claud Hyne was present with his phonograph and entertained the company very pleasantly while the people were gathering and also during and after the program, being one of the pleasant features of the evening which was fully appreciated by all.

Comrade D.C. Carr, who had charge of the program, rapped for order and Messrs. E.L. Afflick and F.G. Rounsville tendered a fine duet, which was followed by prayer by Rev. J.E. Ryerson. Morgan Vaughn sand a solo and Commander W.M. Horton followed in a rousing address. Messrs. Afflick and Rounsville sand another duet and Dr. A.W. Cooper eulogized the American soldier. Nellie Gardner sand a very appropriate solo and Bert Cooper then became a target for all kinds of questions from the audience as to the islands, the people and their manner and methods of life. Bert seemed to be a walking encyclopedia and answered all questions to the satisfaction of all and showed conclusively to all that the American soldier is not only a good fighter, but also a close observer. Mabel Cooper entertained the company with two fine recitations and Rev. J.E. Ryerson talked upon superiority of the volunteer soldier, Messrs. Afflick and Rounsville sand the closing song and G.L. Adams pronounced the benediction. Ella Bundy and Mrs. C.D. Hamilton were the accompanists for the musical part of the program.

At the close of the program, the Relief Corps served cake and coffee which was enjoyed amid a pleasant time of social converse and all noted the evening a very enjoyable event, heartily congratulating the boys on their safe return and the post for the kindly reception.

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