Saturday, September 17, 2011

Squint Shot 091711

Ada J. Nichols, 1878-1971, and
Frank D. Nichols, 1871-1947.

Located on the south side of the mausoleum, close to the east end.

In a 1920 issue of The Fowlerville Review, I did come across the following:

Mrs. Holcomb and sons have purchased the home in this village they recently traded to Frank Nichols in purchasing his farm.


Some one entered the home of Frank Nichols Saturday night while the men were doing the milking and walked away with $35 in cash which Mr. Nichols had just received for doing a threshing job.  A few months since some one stole the most of the makings of an auto truck from his home during the absence of the family.  Possibly they were after the money to buy some gasoline to run the whiz wagon. 

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