Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Senior Day

The Fowlerville Rotary Club meets every Wednesday at noon at the United Methodist Church on Second Street.

It is always a grand lunch, but this week's meeting and lunch was especially grand. It was Seniors' Day Rotary Lunch. Once a year, the club invites any and all senior citizens that would like to come have lunch, to join the group and let the club say their thanks.

Doug Burnie said it perfectly during the invocation that our seniors are the backbone of this community, wherein lies great knowledge and wonderful work throughout the years. I hope the seniors all heard that, because what would our community be without the building blocks they've provided.

The fun began shortly after noon with Dan Mayhew (Mayhew's Services) and Chelyn Poljan (First National Bank) wandering through the 70+ group selling 50/50 raffle tickets.

Conversations and socializing filled the room while everyone enjoyed the rousing music supplied by the Senior Class Band. This is a group of musicians, retired from their careers and with time to follow their musical talents by playing for groups just like the Rotary Club. With over 600 performances under their belts, their concert seemed to effortlessly move from one song to the next.

Before the group got down to the important business of eating lunch, served by a dedicated group of ladies from the church, introductions were made by each person. Most stood, spoke their name and indicated they were retired. Or, as in the case of the Rotarians present, a place of business was indicated. But the best description was from one of the ladies from the Senior Center, "I'm a housewife, and a housewife doesn't retire, just expires." That brought a round of applause.

Rich Heinrich, Fowlerville School's new superintendent, was introduced by Dawn Horton of the Fowlerville News and Views. He spoke briefly of how excited he is to be on the job, albeit 8 days only at this point, and that he is already looking forward to calling it home. He spoke how the water tower at I-96 says it all when you look at "Home of the Gladiators" displayed so proudly. I think he stole my thoughts! (See my earlier post by clicking here.)

And then, a special presentation.

Ken Tannar, a well-known business owner both in Webberville and Fowlerville, is also the last remaining charter member of the Fowlerville Rotary Club. The club began in 1947, when Ken was a mere 28 years old. He is now 90, having celebrated that milestone on March 24. Well, lo and behold, a flag was flown over the U.S. Senate that very day in his honor and that 5' x 7' flag was presented to him at this luncheon.

The picture shows him holding one side, while Dawn Horton holds up the other end. Ken's wife, Mary Ellen, and his son, Tom, were able to be at the luncheon and be a part of this wonderful celebration.

It was a grand luncheon and celebration all-round at the Fowlerville Rotary Club.

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Anonymous said...

Scoop. Excellent reporting. Great pix too. I especially like the flag presentation to Mr. Ken Tanner. He is truly part of the solid foundation of our community. Nicely done sir, congratulations.