Friday, August 21, 2009

EasyRiders Day 2

Friday morning, early, eyes barely focusing . . . but I am on my way to the fairgrounds to help crack a gazillion eggs in preparation of Saturday and Sunday's Fowlerville Rotary Breakfast to be offered at the EasyRiders event. And this is what greets me at the corner of Nicholson and Grand River. But once in the fairgrounds, it brings to mind a "tent city" since it is too early for anyone to be selling anything and too early for anyone digging through their wallet for a purchase.It was quiet, and actually a little bit eerie.But, by the time I along with a few other Rotarians had cracked upwards of 2,000 eggs and I left the 4H kitchen, the place was coming alive. Merchandise was going on display . . . the rich, heady smell of real leather wafting by me. And the glittering rainbow of colors of beads caught my eye at every turn. Oh, how I love shiny things. But, I saw this Harley pig rider and actually had to backtrack a couple steps. So even a big, bad, strong Harley rider needs his comfort level . . . ah-h-h-h. Oh, and there aren't just motorcycles here. Check this out. The fellow quickly jumped off his "bar stool" and allowed me to snap as many pictures as I wanted to.

Be sure to come back tomorrow . . . I'll post more pictures. Maybe even some of the most outrageous motorcycles I can find.

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