Friday, August 28, 2009

Squint Shot 082809

I've sometimes considered myself a shy person, that is . . . until I would really like something. Then I go into overdrive. Today's squint shot is a perfect example of that. I have noticed this old, somewhat taken-care-of barn, in my travels to and from town. But it wasn't until recently that I spotted the advertisement on the west side of the barn. After trying to get a shot of it from angles other than from Grand River, I had pretty much given up. Until . . . the other day. During the recent EasyRiders event (be sure to check out all four articles), a very nice couple maintained a vegetable stand in front of the house on the property of this barn. Thinking they might be the owners, I came to a screeching halt and parked along the apron of the road, dodged a ton of traffic to cross a very busy Grand River, and pleaded my case. I was directed to the barn where the actual owner of the house and barn was working on his car. Whew . . . all of that said and done . . . he was more than happy to allow me to photograph the side of his barn. So, today's squint shot shows the upper part of the side, and tomorrow's will show the entire side.

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