Wednesday, November 4, 2015

1959 Jolly Drive-In Advertisement

I found this little advertisement in The Fowlerville Review, in 1959, and am curious.  The reason I'm curious is because I received an e-mail a few months back asking if I had any information and/or pictures for the Jolly Drive-In.  The inquiry came from a family member of former owners, those celebrating a wedding anniversary.

I had limited information--no pictures--to offer up.  But, now that I have a little time to do some investigating, I am wondering if you, my readers, might have something.  Does anyone remember the exact location (I had heard at the corner across from the old Keg 'n Cork where there is the carwash), what it looked like or a picture, and anything about the food.  Of course, me being Polish, I'm always curious when I see "plus special Polish foods."

I would love if you would leave a comment or contact me.


dave maybee said...

On the corner of Grand River and Nicholson, where the party store is now.

Mike said...

In the late 70s? early 80s? it became a Japanese restaurant, of all things. Tasty tempura!

Anonymous said...

I think the one near the Keg-n-Cork was called the Red Diamond.

Mike said...

Re-reading my post, it seems a bit unclear. Yes, the Jolly Drive-In was at Grand River and Nicholson, and later became a Japanese restaurant. I believe the party store is the same building.