Saturday, March 16, 2019

2019 New Hardbound Available for "The Fowlerville Chronicles"

The proof copy has arrived! Additional copies will be coming in a few weeks -- newly set-up as an 8.5x11 hardbound book. All the same great information but even better than the paperback from a few years ago. Message me if you'd like me to reserve a copy. And, please share -- Fowlerville has a lush history and this book has so many pictures, you almost feel like you are stepping back in time. Thank you to all that have been great over the years helping get this book this far!
If you'd also like to go to my author page on Facebook, click here and message me to reserve a copy.


Marion Cornett said...

Sold out!

Anonymous said...

Will you be printing additional copies?

jrogan said...

Will you be printing any additional copies I would like one.