Monday, February 22, 2010

Squint Shot 022210

This is a very unique door . . . not something you will see very often. This latched door is at the rear of the back room and is up at the ceiling level, does not go to the floor, and there is no ladder or access to it. Do I have you wondering what it is for?

Years ago, this storefront was a meat market. This was long before the type of refrigeration we know of today. In the early 1900s, ice blocks were used to keep certain foods cold, and that is where this door comes into play. When this door is opened, it gives access to the top of the former meat locker. Ice blocks would be placed through the door onto a platform with edges open on the perimeter of the meat locker ceiling. As the ice would melt, the cold vapors would seep down into the meat locker and keep everything cold. The former meat locker now serves as the office for Sweet Sensations.

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