Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Birds

The birds are back in town.

Morning Doves -- feeding like cattle off the ground. Cardinals -- pairs flitting from apple trees to feeders to the ground. Bluejays -- yakking and squawking at everyone. Bluebirds -- inspecting the houses made especially for them. And these yellow finches -- finding this unique birdfeeder with small holes for them to feed from, clear acryllic pegs I'm surprised they even see, and even a bit of shade from the top of this "toadstool" feeder.

After receiving this birdfeeder as a present, I had hurriedly hung it outside on a cute little shepherd's hook. But . . . I had mistakenly placed traditional wild birdfeed in it.

No takers.

It sat untouched and ignored, while the other feeder was as busy as Detroit Metro Airport on a clear day. So I went in search of what kinds of seeds needed to go into this feeder. That led me to Fowlerville Feed and Pet Store and a conversation with Herbie.

And, now? Those yellow finches are loving all the different seeds, including a type called nyger, that Herbie has to offer at Fowlerville Feed and Pet Store.

Thanks, Herbie.

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Anonymous said...

I'm waiting for red winged blackbirds,one of the worm weather birds