Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Writing Exercises

As the self-proclaimed editor of The Ville, this blog is something I do to enhance my writing (along with my work on Meryl's Musings) while I continue to slave away on my great romance novel.

To my goal of becoming a better writer, I'm always looking for that next class to take. But, as time is of the essence, as busy as my embroidery company keeps me, I have felt very fortunate to discover our Fowlerville Library, and the enthusiasm of the Cheryl and her staff.

One of her staff members, Emily, conducts a weekly writing group session (which by the way, these sessions will soon be ending for the spring, but hopefully another one will be scheduled this fall) and, each week, we are given a writing exercise. These have proven to be fun as well as helpful.

The first one was writing a list poem. Of course, we needed to find out what a list poem consisted of so the internet was put to good use. Well, it is a list, not necessarily rhyming, and is pretty much as long as you want to make it, but pretty much just one sentence. Our theme? Anything to do with warm weather. Here's my offering . . .

My hands
deep in
brown, black
warm soil;
nails encrusted
with grit,
knees tender
from kneeling,
shoulder muscles
spine tightening,
sun warming
my back,
over me;
in my garden.

A free-form, mind-wandering exercise . . . whether it is good or bad, it is mine and it is how I feel when the warm weather hits.

Well . . .

The next week, Emily presented us with this picture. We were asked to study it, then describe what we saw or create a story from the objects shown.

My offering . . .

Hey, look . . .

Mom left me an apple. Julie wouldn't mind if I have a snack. I love apples.

Oh, and look . . .

Is that candy? I love M&Ms. I see green ones and blue ones, and, oh my favorite, red ones. I could have a bite of the apple and then an M&M. I wonder how that would taste?

If I reach just a little more, I could get one. Argh, they are too far away. Oh wait, I think . . . yes, there. I've got a piece of candy. Wait, two of them. Guess the apple will have to wait until mom gets home. But at least I could reach the candy.

I wonder if Julie likes M&Ms. I'll share with her . . .

"Julie? See what I found?"

Just like a kid to mistake something else for candy. How many times does that happen?

Well, onto this next week.

We have been given this picture, in black and white, and an exercise in how to show, don't tell. Show, don't tell merely means to describe something without actually giving away the word for it. Merely . . . hah! It is difficult, at best, but exactly what a wanna-be writer needs to work at constantly and try to perfect.

Next week, I'll post what I wrote. But in the meantime . . . try describing this picture and posting it as a comment. Try it, you might like it!

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