Tuesday, March 27, 2012

2011 New Covenant Brethren Church Fire

Monday morning, March 26, a fire was discovered in the New Covenant Brethren Church on North Stow Road. Before firefighters could arrive, the building was nearly engulfed in flames.
It would appear it is a total loss for this small congregation. You can read more by clicking here.
We have driven by this church only a few times and my thought had always been of what a quaint little church out in the country. And, how wonderful it has been maintained so beautifully. For partially those reasons, I headed there to see the damage. Following are some pictures as the sun was rising in the east:
Once I got home, I looked through all of my catalogued research and found the following two articles that had been published in The Fowlerville Review in early 1888, when the church was dedicated:

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