Sunday, March 11, 2012

Squint Shot 031112

And now, we are onto something new (or old) and curious. The next few days we will explore the basements of two storefronts in the northeast quadrant. Okay, just try not to think of me as weird. It is just that basements can tell a story as much as the upper floor of some of the older buildings. All are a step-back-in-time as many of the basements and upper floors are barely being used.

Today, and for the next few days, there will be pictures of the dirt-floored basement below the Edward Jones offices. It is a Michigan stone basement, most of the large stones being various shades of grey. This particular squint shot is in the southwest corner of the basement where a coal shute was formerly located. Plywood and pieces of wood block the old opening.

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Anonymous said...

shute, not shoot. Interesting pictures.