Saturday, March 31, 2012

Squint Shot 033112

Today's squint shot is kind of a bridge to some different pictures I'll be showcasing for the next couple of weeks. But first, this picture . . . A few weeks back, Richard Hutchins had an article in News and Views regarding Calvin Lockwood. Mention was made of Cal's Club, a men's club that met possibly weekly, but definitely at least once a month, during the late 1800s. This house was the location of Cal's restaurant, just north of the railroad tracks on the west side of South Grand avenue.

There were articles in the old Fowlerville Review of the meetings, although not much was mentioned of what was discussed. From all appearances, this was just a casual, social get-together of the merchants in town. When the building wasn't being used for these meetings, it was a restaurant that saw its share of travelers, as the train would stop at the Pere Marquette, and for locals looking for a meal. It also saw its share of small fires -- one such instance was noted in the newspaper when a fire was discovered on the south side of the restaurant, possibly ignited from sparks from the train as one traveled past.

It has been mentioned to me that a few years ago this house was being remodeled and huge, thick white oak beams and planks could be seen before the siding was replaced. Maybe that is part of the reason this house still stands.

And now the reason I mentioned this is a "bridge" to different photographs. Over the next couple of weeks, I will be showing some memoriabilia that some local residents have offered up to me for my picture-taking. I am always pleased when someone finds me and let's me know they've got something from days-gone-by of Fowlerville.

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