Sunday, April 1, 2012

Squint Shot 040112

Today's photograph is a slightly different type of squint shot; as will be the next couple of weeks. The card you see below is now added to our historical collection, housed at the village offices. The husband of a friend happened upon this card at an antique store and picked it up expressly for the purpose of donating it -- that is just wonderful -- thank you!

This card came from the Vogt Funeral Home, which was located on North Grand Avenue, in the second block north of the main intersection on the west side. It has now been split into apartments. As you are driving north on Grand Avenue, just past the Carpet Depot and a small greyish house, there is a large pinkish house -- that is it. John Vogt, the owner of the funeral home, was the first president of the Fowlerville Commercial Club, a predecessor to the Rotary Club.
If you look closely at this card, it does mention the funeral home aspect of it, but all of the other things he offered: "John S. Vogt, Your Home Furnisher, Furniture, Wall Paper, Pictures, Floor Covering, Sewing, and Washing Machines. Undertaking. Telephone 152-F-2. Fowlerville, Mich."

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