Sunday, April 29, 2012

Squint Shot 042912

And now begins a new series of squint shots.  As a bit of a back story, last summer, I had the pleasure of driving around town with a very dear friend, and while we traveled up and down all of the side streets, he gave me some history of many of the houses in the village.  He spoke about who used to own and live in them and what their professions or contributions were to Fowlerville. 

All of this information came to me right before the 175th celebration and ultimately got put on the backburner until now.  Some of the upcoming photographs, such as the following one, were taken at the time, but most are more recent.

The following house, located on North Benjamin Street, has gone through a great deal of updating the last year or so.  At one time, George Soule lived in this house.  He was a Chevrolet dealer, and please correct me if I'm wrong, his dealership may have been located at the northwest corner of North Second Street and East Grand River.  Up until a couple years ago, you may have known it as the location for Maria's School of Dance. 

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