Sunday, October 13, 2013

1898 Phineas Stewart

I received a call recently, the woman asking if I knew anything about a Phineas Stewart, b. 10.8.1794, d. 7.27.1898 -- 104 years old at the time of his death.  The name did not ring a bell with me, even if it seemed I got to know so many that came before us, through their names, while doing research.  

But with so much information gleaned from one headstone, along with the curious question of so many females preceding him in death -- five wives and two daughters, to be exact -- I couldn't resist doing a little extra research.

Phineas Stewart died a year before the West Howell Cemetery was established, but his monument stands. 

 On the front of the pillar, his name along with his first wife's name are etched in the stone:
 Then on the south side of the monument, two more wives:
 On the north side, another two wives:
 On the backside, or east side, his two daughters:
My curiosity was definitely aroused so I headed to the Howell Library for a dual purpose; family research and to see if I could find anything on P. Stewart.  As it were, I had luck on both counts.  When I reeled through microfilm from the Livingston Republican, I found the following article:
Curious, no mention of his five wives or of what he may have done for employment.

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Unknown said...

He was the son of Eathol Stewart / Esther Thurber.
my 5th great uncle .
- Kevin Stewart