Thursday, October 31, 2013

1995 Baseball

I absolutely love when someone walks up to me, hands me either photos or memoriabilia, and wonders if I would like to add it to the website.  The answer is always yes!  Yesterday, I was given three photographs, which will be added to the Fowlerville Historical Collection at the village hall, but first, I wanted to show you, my readers.
After doing a little research, the first is a baseball card for Al Kaline.  The second picture is how he looked in 1993 when he came to Fowlerville.  If you check out the photograph, you can see "Gehringer Field" hooked to the chain-link fence.  That field is where the Fowlerville High School baseball team plays their games.

The next photograph is a young Tom Brookens when he was a Detroit player, and following that is a more current-day photograph.  Not much has changed!

And then, the last picture given to me had a bunch of markings on the front and then the following on the back:
~~Feb. 1999 Tiger Fantasy Game, Marchand Stadium, Lakeland, Florida, Leon Vercruysse, Batting; Mickey Lolich, Pitching; Alan Trammell, Catching.
~~Rare Picture:  Lolich and Trammell never played together (different eras) (besides Trammell is a SS, not a catcher); Darrell Evans, 2nd Base; Jason Thompson, 1st Base; Al Kaline, right field; Pitch fouled off homeplate.

How cool is all of this!


Country Fella said...

Great post. Last time I saw the Gehringer sign it was in the corner of the old lockerroom, on the floor, leaning against the wall. The baseball fields were re-done in 2005'ish, and the sign was taken down. I think it needs to be put back up. Jason Thompson is doing well, runs a baseball school in Pontiac.

Country Fella said...

Your blog is awesome. I need to catch up. Great pictures.