Tuesday, October 15, 2013

2013 East Grand River Sidewalk

Work progresses on the East Grand River, northeast quadrant, sidewalk work.  The following two pictures were taken Saturday morning, as the construction workers labored away, but we were able to get a close enough look.

In the late 1800s, wooden plank sidewalks lined the sides of the main streets up to the storefronts.  Into the early 1900s, those planks were being replaced with cement sidewalks and always heralded as much-needed progress.

I might be getting a little ornery, but as some complain of the mess and traffic hold-ups, and anything else they can think of, I like to start blabbering on about progress and infrastructure upgrades and, I'm pretty sure, some stop listening.  But I think this is grand!!  The village council and staff are working hard to find grants and extra monies to improve the downtown area.

Just remember, in a few weeks, the mess and inconvenience will be a fading memory, and we will be enjoying new brickwork and asphalt.

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