Monday, January 2, 2017

1967 Frank's Foodliner

As I'm sure close to everyone is aware Curtis Grocery closed a few weeks ago after reopening in 2010.  I am so sad to see the empty storefront and know I can't bop in there to see Ken, Craig, Larry, and Cate--have so enjoyed seeing them whenever I needed to resupply our fridge.

As I pondered the closing, I went in search of some of the ads from days-gone-by.  Below is an ad from November, 1967.
The next page of that particular issue of The Fowlerville Review also showed the winners of the "Let's Go To The Races" contest.  The picture on the left shows Frank Curtis, on the right is Gary Whitford.  Would love if my readers would leave a comment on either of these two men. 

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