Tuesday, March 21, 2017

1928 Local News

The editor of the local newspaper, G.L. Adams, was truly a gossip -- in a good way.  Today we have social media to keep us informed of what our friends and neighbors are doing.  Local residents received the paper once a week for that kind of information.

Here's a section from the June 20, 1928, issue of "The Fowlerville Review:"
Part of the reason this caught my eye was due to the fact I've been doing a little research for one of my readers on N.P. Jensen, a local photographer.  His name leaped off the page -- "Have your Kodak films developed and printed in Jensen's Studio."

When I was doing research for my novel, "Tilly Loves Johnny," I needed a photographer.  Mr. Jensen became my main man!  I've even included him in my third novel, a work-in-progress at the moment.

Another reason I like to post this local news is for the names you can read about.  So m any of them become like old friends.  While I was researching for Fowlerville, I felt like George L. Adams became my "invisible" friend.  I would have loved to have met him.  I have noticed a comment by one of my readers that he might be a great-grandson.  I would so love to have you contact me through this blog.  :)

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