Sunday, March 19, 2017

1928 New Lutheran Church

Back to our regularly-scheduled local information!  I just got myself stuck in 1928 and over the next couple of days, there will be some posts during that time period.  

The following article, found in "The Fowlerville Review," June, 1928, reports the old Lutheran Church building being razed and gives a bit of history.  In 1909, a "cyclone" came through Fowlerville, overturning the Rounsville grain elevator as well as destroying the St. Agnes Catholic church, when it was located on Maple.  It appears it had also done damage to the Lutheran building.

The tornado, as we would call it today, followed the railroad tracks over South Grand, eventually turning northeast into town, before traveling eastward and disappearing.

In 1928, the known Opera House was located above the current-day Olden Days restaurant (one half) and the other half above Maria's School of Dance.  As you face the restaurant, there is a wooden door to the left, where a narrow staircase leads up to the second floor.

In my novel, "Juniper and Anise," a temperance meeting is held in the old opera house and, at the podium, is Ida B. Wise, the leader of the movement in the midwest area.  Some loved her while others didn't, including a few that threw ripe tomatoes at her!

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